OIU, also known as direct vision internal urethrotomy (DVIU) is an endoscopy procedure to manage and cure short segment urethral structures. Urethral stricture is a narrowing that occurs in the urinary passage leading to difficulty in passing urine. In this procedure a cystoscope is introduced into the urethra and stricture is identified and cut using a cold knife or Laser. After the procedure has been performed a catheter can be placed in the urethra for 3-5 days to allow healing of the stricture. T duration of the procedure, It usually takes 5 to 10 minutes for this surgery and patient can go to home after 1-2 hours of observation.
Urethroplasty is the repair of an urethral defect (Urethral stricture) within the walls of the urethra. Trauma, iatrogenic injury and infections are the most common causes of urethral stricture requiring repair. Urethroplasty is regarded as the gold standard treatment for urethral strictures and offers better outcomes in terms of recurrence rates than dilatations and urethrotomies. It is probably the only useful modality of treatment for long and complex strictures though recurrence rates are higher for this difficult treatment group. There are four commonly used types of urethroplasty performed; anastomotic, buccal mucosal onlay graft, scrotal or penile island flap (graft), and Johansen’s staged urethroplasty.
Hypospadias repair is surgery to correct a defect in the opening of the penis that is present at birth. The urethra (the tube that carries urine from the bladder to outside the body) does not end at the tip of the penis. Instead, it ends on the underside of the penis. In more severe cases, the urethra opens at the middle or bottom of the penis, or in or behind the scrotum. The surgeon will use a small piece of foreskin or tissue from another site to create a tube that increases the length of the urethra. Extending the length of the urethra will allow it to open at the tip of the penis. A catheter is placed in the urethra to make it hold its new shape which is removed after 2-3 weeks of surgery.
Circumcision is a procedure that removes the foreskin from the human penis. It is usually an elective procedure performed to treat Phimosis (a condition where foreskin can’t be pulled back or retracted), tight frenulum, religious rite and cultural practice. It is a day care procedure and takes 15-20 minutes time to perform this surgery and patient can go to home after 1 hour of observation. Traditionaly a blade is used to cut and remove the foreskin but now a days LASER or Stapler are used to perform this surgery know as LASER or Stapler Circumcision respectively
Frenuloplasty is the surgical technique used to treat tight or short frenulum. Tight or short frenulum is a condition where patient feels pain & downward bending of glans during retraction of foreskin, which cause sexual dysfunction to male and his partner. In this surgery the frenulum is cut or released using blade/diathermy or Laser so that prepuce can be retracted normally without any difficulties or pain. It takes 10-15 minutes duration for this surgery and patient can go home after 1 hour of observation